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    After a positive first quarter (+1.29%), the G Fund Alpha Fixed Income fund (GAFI - share I-C EUR LU0571101715) continued with a second quarter that was also in the green…

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    Groupama Axiom Legacy 21

    Asset range : Bonds Expertise : Active Fixed Income Management

    The fund is mainly invested in fixed income securities issued by financial institutions. The objective of the fund is to take advantage of the transition period between Basel II and Basel III regulations applicable to banks, leveraging the effects of the "Grandfathering period".


    G Fund - Euro High Yield Bonds

    Asset range : Bonds Expertise : Unconstrained Fixed Income

    The fund aims to generate regular income and capital growth combining both a thorough high yield bond picking (corporate and government bonds) and a real monitoring of the portfolio's beta.


    Groupama Convertibles

    Asset range : Bonds Expertise : Convertible bonds

    The fund is mainly invested in convertible bonds which benefits from an important sensitivity to equity markets allowing the portfolio to capitalizing partially on bullish markets and cushioning the impact of bearish ones.

    Key figures

    103,8 € billion Asset under Management as of 28/02/2019

    265 employees as of 28/02/2019

    84 Analysts, Portfolio Managers and as of 28/02/2019

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    A responsible vision of finance

    From the outset, Groupama Asset Management has positioned itself in the camp of responsible investment, since from the early 2000's the group ...


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    On the strength of its experience acquired with the insurance companies of the Groupama Group, Groupama AM proposes investment solutions ...

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