CSR as a historic value

Corporate social responsibility and solidarity are strong, historic values of Groupama Asset Management. Given these values, the Group has naturally, from its creation, made an active commitment to developing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

This commitment has a long history at Groupama Asset Management, since from the early 2000’s the group has conducted studies into the practice of its profession of asset manager in harmony with its goal of sustainable development.

These studies on the commitment of Groupama Asset Manager to sustainable development are reflected today in its CSR policy, in other words all the economic, social or societal and environmental actions conducted by the company on a daily basis.

Our economic commitment

Groupama Asset Management ensures long-term operational and financial performance and undertakes to contribute to the creation of value by meeting the expectations of its clients while respecting mutual interests:

  • Pioneer in the field of Socially Responsible Investing (ISR) since the early 2000’s; today, the ambition of Groupama AM is to progressively generalize this contribution to all its management mandates;
  • Groupama AM was one of the very first management companies to establish a voting rights policy;
  • Today, Groupama AM is able to show the carbon footprints of its equities and fixed income portfolios.
  • Finally, Groupama AM was one of the first founder members and signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), established under the aegis of the UN.

Our social commitment

Groupama Asset Management promotes the development of its employees’ competencies via training and internal mobility. The Group is particularly attached to promoting male/female parity and is actively engaged in the fight against discrimination by advocating a recruitment policy that promotes diversity.  Finally, Groupama Asset Management contributes to causes in the public interest, in particular via sponsorship actions.

Our environmental commitment

Groupama Asset Management is taking various internal actions to limit the environmental impact of its activities (energy, paper, water etc.). In particular, it is orienting its environmental strategy towards initiatives such as:

  • Limiting the production of waste, and maximizing the re-use and recycling of currently unavoidable waste;
  • Giving preference to the purchase of supplies that are certified in conformity with sustainable development standards;
  • Raising the awareness of its suppliers and service providers to the importance of sustainable development as part of CSR policy.