At the heart of Groupama AM's expertise

Since its creation, Groupama AM has accorded increasing importance to the study of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors in order to gain a long-term perspective. To respond to new developments and to favour analysis of cross-disciplinary questions, our research teams seek to permanently integrate the economic and financial analyses.

Cross-disciplinary approach

To provide each of its clients with the best overview of the economic and financial prospects, Groupama AM has established a cross-disciplinary structure dedicated to providing a global understanding of the markets.

  • The economists submit monthly reports on the economic situation, project a central scenario for the medium/long-term and produce fundamental analyses of individual countries, incorporating the sector-based approach provided by the analysts.
  • The financial analysts, for their part, starting from a fundamental approach based on sectors and businesses, issue a recommendation on credit and equities.

This approach is completed by the analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria by extra-financial analysts.

A vision of the future

The role of macroeconomic analysis is to shed light on the current environment and propose a vision for the future. Our economists track and analyse market indicators and compare them to the needs of the general consensus, while assessing their impact on the central scenario.

A country analysis methodology

Today, overall understanding of the quality of a country’s fundamentals is essential. Consequently, Groupama AM’s experts have developed a methodology aimed at enhancing the overall understanding of the quality of a country’s structural economic, financial and political characteristics, while highlighting the dynamic relationships between these characteristics and more short-term data.  This approach is built around five pillars:

  • Institutional and economic policy challenges
  • Economic growth
  • External sector
  • Financing of the economy
  • Geopolitical risks

Give an outlook on the future

Evaluating sectors and securities

The central mission of the financial analysts of Groupama Asset Management is to study the major economic sectors and the companies that they comprise. For this purpose, they draw up a financial diagnosis and evaluate the growth prospects of each company. These studies are based not only on attentive examination of the financial reports but also on meetings with the managers of the companies concerned. On the basis of this proven in-depth methodology, the experts of Groupama Asset Management are able to formulate their recommendations.