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Almost a year after its launch Groupama Axiom Legacy 21 has surpassed the €350 million mark

Groupama Axiom Legacy 21 reaches €364 million in assets under management (as at May 11th, 2018), one month before its first-year anniversary. The fund, whose management is delegated by Groupama Asset Management to the financial specialists at Axiom AI is particularly popular with investors.


Groupama Asset Management launches an inflation-theme absolute performance fund

Groupama Asset Management has broadened its unconstrained range of fixed-income funds with the launch of its G Fund - Global Breakeven Inflation. The objective of this new investment solution is to outperform Capitalised Eonia over the recommended investment horizon, through a dynamic strategy seeking to benefit from global inflation expectations.


Third-party distribution – 2017: Groupama AM is continuing its strategic repositioning, with net inflow of 1.9 billion euros

The global assets under management of Groupama Asset Management increased by 3 billion euros in 2017, reaching a total of 99.8 billion euros (on 31 December 2017).
As in 2016, third party distribution business was dynamic, with a net inflow of 1.9 billion euros from external clients.

Groupama AM y Tikehau IM unen sus fuerzas a través de un partnership industrial y comercial

Groupama Asset Management y Tikehau Investment Management anuncian la firma de un acuerdo de cooperación que les brinda nuevas posibilidades en delegación de gestión, creación de productos en acuerdos de marca compartida, así como acuerdos de distribución. Este contrato permite a ambas firmas ampliar su oferta en términos de clases de activos y ofrecer a sus clientes la experiencia de cada una de las compañías.


Flash – G Fund Alpha Fixed Income after the summer

For the first half of the year, the performance of the G Fund Alpha Fixed Income (GAFI)...

Groupama Asset Management appoints Laure Mazzoléni-Robin as Control & Legal Director

Groupama Asset Management, which has now attained total assets under management of 100 billion euros, has announced the appointment of a new Director of its Control and Legal unit. Laure Mazzoléni-Robin will be in charge of the internal control, compliance, regulatory affairs and legal departments. She is a member of the Executive Committee and reports directly to Jean-Marie Catala, Deputy CEO.

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