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With low duration risks, convertible bonds seem perfectly fitted to the current context. Jean Fauconnier, fund manager of G Fund European Convertible Bonds IC (LU0571100584)…

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G Fund - Alpha Fixed Income

Tipologia di attivi: Obbligazionari Competenze: Unconstrained Fixed income

G Fund Alpha Fixed Income opportunistically invests on different maturity buckets, geographical areas, currencies and ratings of fixed income universe


Groupama Convertibles

Tipologia di attivi: Obbligazionari Competenze: Obbligazioni convertibili

GROUPAMA CONVERTIBLES is designed for investors who, over the medium to long term, are seeking for dynamic returns close to those offered by equities without having to bear the risks.


G Fund - Total Return All Cap Europe

Tipologia di attivi: Azionari Competenze: Azioni europee fondate sulla convinzione

A high conviction fund across all the European capitalisations with a resolutely risk-oriented approach. Cushion market downturns and participate in upturns via dynamic beta management.

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99,2 MDS € di attivi in gestione al 30/06/2017

240 collaboratori al 30/06/2017

79 gérants et analystes au 30/06/2017

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Ogni giorno dovete fornire performance globali, prendere decisioni responsabili e motivate. ..



Groupama Asset Management si è posizionato fin dall'inizio nel campo dell'investimento responsabile e, fin dagli anni 2000, il gruppo ha optato ...

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