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Groupama Asset Management launches an inflation-theme absolute performance fund

Groupama Asset Management has broadened its unconstrained range of fixed-income funds with the launch of its G Fund - Global Breakeven Inflation. The objective of this new investment solution is to outperform Capitalised Eonia over the recommended investment horizon, through a dynamic strategy seeking to benefit from global inflation expectations.


Groupama Asset Management is expanding its range of “unconstrained” fixed-income funds

Groupama Asset Management announces the commercialization of G Fund Euro High Yield Bonds. This sub-fund of the "G Fund" open-ended collective investment fund is characterized by an active and unconstrained management approach.

Third-party distribution – 2017: Groupama AM is continuing its strategic repositioning, with net inflow of 1.9 billion euros

The global assets under management of Groupama Asset Management increased by 3 billion euros in 2017, reaching a total of 99.8 billion euros (on 31 December 2017).
As in 2016, third party distribution business was dynamic, with a net inflow of 1.9 billion euros from external clients.

Groupama AM and Axiom AI join forces to launch a fund invested in financial subordinated debt

Groupama Axiom Legacy 21 is a fund invested in financial subordinated debt and covers all the various types of "legacy" subordinated debt issued before the creation of Additional Tier 1 (AT1) securities(1).

Groupama Asset Management appoints Laure Mazzoléni-Robin as Control & Legal Director

Groupama Asset Management, which has now attained total assets under management of 100 billion euros, has announced the appointment of a new Director of its Control and Legal unit. Laure Mazzoléni-Robin will be in charge of the internal control, compliance, regulatory affairs and legal departments. She is a member of the Executive Committee and reports directly to Jean-Marie Catala, Deputy CEO.


Groupama Asset Management is hardening the close of its Groupama Avenir Euro fund

After initially soft-closing the Groupama Avenir Euro fund by imposing a charge of 10% on new investors, Groupama Asset Management has today announced that this measure will now be extended to existing investors.

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