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The MiFID 2 directive fundamentally overhauls the producer-distributor relationship

Jean-Marie Catala, Deputy CEO of Groupama Asset Management

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” Protected equity ” – an attractive strategy that requires individualized calibration

" Protected equity " is currently highly popular with investors: In a climate of low interest rates, it provides an attractive solution for taking a position on stock market assets while limiting risk.

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The new European Regulation on money-market funds (MMFs) highlights existing good practices

The key players had already implemented the main aspects of the new prudential rules. The role of ESMA in supervising this market has been reinforced.

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The high-yield fixed income market is at the crossroads

Although the high-yield compartment of corporate bonds enjoys the advantages of extremely robust macroeconomic and microeconomic fundamentals, various uncertainty factors should be taken into consideration: the "high prices" of a part of the…

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Europe : Taking back control of its destiny ?

What if 2017 marks the starting point for a new advance in the European project? After facing up to the revealing truths of Brexit, a few preliminary signs of a reboot in European construction can be detected

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“Thanks to the dissipation of political risks and a general improvement in the economic situation, Europe is again becoming attractive to investors”

The election results in Europe are expected to open new prospects for professional asset managers and investors. The French presidential election has sent out a strong message and guarantees greater stability for the European Union.

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First round of French presidential elections : Point of view on financial markets

The result of the first round of the French presidential elections marks the end of a uniquely suspenseful episode in the history of the Fifth Republic. Never before had four candidates stood so close in the polls - a situation that made it…

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Third-party distribution: net inflow of 2.9 billion euros for Groupama Asset Management from external clients in the first quarter of 2017

The assets under management of Groupama Asset Management stood at 99 billion euros on 31 March 2017, benefiting from the extra impetus of 2.9 billion euros inflow from external clients during the first quarter of 2017.

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