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Giving you the right guidance

Knowledge, understanding, evaluation – these qualities are essential to anyone who has to deliver global performance on a daily basis. To put you in firm command of your decisions, we have made it our priority to give you the right benchmarks that will help you to track your investments more closely.

Our experts are constantly analysing the nature of your requirement and providing you with their solid experience in asset management to help guide you in all your choices.

Groupama AM in a nutshell (2018 03 31)

Our Business

Active & Fundamental Asset Management

Since its creation in 1993 Groupama Asset Management, a subsidiary of Groupama, has established its place as one of the top French players in the field of asset management. Groupama Asset Management, which historically operated on behalf of numerous entities of the Groupama Group, has now put its expertise and know-how at the service of institutional investors, companies and distributors.

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Our Organization

Collaborative expertise

To attain optimal performance, Groupama AM has opted for an organization that is structured into specific areas of expertise. This structure is complemented by a collaborative approach that promotes interchange and sharing between its various experts, in order to devise, develop and manage efficient and sustainable long-term strategies.

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Our gouvernance

Responsibility & commitment

With its long history of commitment to the principle of responsible investment, Groupama AM continues to affirm its conviction that the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the heart of an issuer’s management strategy can only improve the issuer’s performance.

Our responsible vision of finance is also expressed in a structured control mechanism that enables us to hedge our operations and evaluate the risk exposure of our clients. We deploy recognized high-performance portfolio construction tools to optimize the risk budgets of each portfolio.


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Responsibility & commitment


Leader in client service

Over its history of more than a century, the Groupama Group has become one of the leaders of the insurance sector. This success comes from its constant, unchanging resolve to support each of its clients, at each moment of their life, through its expert know-how in a wide range of specialist fields.

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as a historic value

Corporate social responsibility and solidarity are the strong, historic values of Groupama Asset Management. Given these values, the Group has naturally, from its creation, made an active commitment to developing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

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Share our Group's values

The values of Groupama AM are borne by women and men of conviction and dedication. Consequently, our recruitment policy prioritizes the search for highly specialized, diversified profiles having a solid basic education and the ability to evolve and adapt to a constantly changing profession while actively sharing and embodying the values of the company.

At Groupama Asset Management, human capital is the key to the success of both the brand and its clients.


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