Groupama Group

Leader in client service

Over its history of more than a century, the Groupama Group has become one of the leaders of the insurance sector. This success comes from its constant, unchanging resolve to support each of its clients, at each moment of their life, through its expert know-how in a wide range of specialist fields.

Beyond its size, Groupama today produces top-rate performance deriving from its unique business model founded on the strength of teamwork.

  1. 1 mutualist model,
  2. 1 participative governance
  3. 32,600 employees, including 7,800 internationally, at the service of 13 million members and clients.

An organization close to the needs of its clients for returns and sound management.

A complete range of insurance, banking and financial services

Strong positions in France and on international markets

  1. €13.6 billion consolidated turnover
  2. 20% of turnover on international markets

3 commercial brands

In France

N°8 insurance company in France

N°1 agricultural insurer (in total % of premiums)

N° 1 insurer for public authorities

N° 1 individual health care insurer

N°2 home insurer

N° 3 direct insurer with AMAGUIZ

N° 3 complementary providential insurer

N° 4 vehicle insurer

N° 4 group insurer

International presence

N° 2 foreign damage insurer in China

N° 4 damage insurer in Hungary

N° 7 non-life insurer in Italy

N° 5 insurer in Romania

N° 2 agricultural insurer in Turkey