Our Business

Active and Fundamental Asset Management

Since its creation in 1993 Groupama Asset Management, a subsidiary of Groupama, has established its place as one of the top French players in the field of asset management. Groupama Asset Management, which historically operated on behalf of numerous entities of the Groupama Group, has now put its expertise and know-how at the service of institutional investors, companies and distributors.

A personal and individually tailored day-to-day approach to client relations

Focused on a responsible vision of finance

 With its close-knit, human-scale organization, Groupama Asset Management provides each of its clients with a structure that is both responsive and easily accessible, so that it can assist clients in the day-to-day management of their capital.

This personal relationship between each client and the commercial teams (both in France and internationally) provides a guarantee that the investment solutions will be appropriate and perfectly adapted to the client’s needs. Each client therefore benefits from the individually tailored management of its mandates, via advice, benchmarks and personalized recommendations regarding the investment horizon, returns and relevant economic, financial and asset allocation analyses.

Focused on a responsible vision of finance

With its long history of commitment to the principle of responsible investment, Groupama AM affirms its conviction that the performance of an issuer is systematically improved by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the heart of its management strategy.

This determination to implement a responsible, active and fundamental management approach is reflected in particular in the integrated, sustained and recognized financial and extra-financial research applied by Groupama AM to each of its core competences.

This approach enables Groupama AM to identify the appropriate positioning to be adopted for each client in order to establish durable and responsible growth and generate value creation while preserving high profitability targets.