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CIES (“Comité Intersyndical de l’Epargne Salariale”) is the French trade union committee for employee savings, which was established in 2002 at the initiative of four of the five representative union confederations (CFDT, CFE- CGC, CFTC and CGT), with the aim of:

  • Ensuring easier access to employee savings for all employees, by proposing a “toolset” of controlled and monitored employee saving products.
  • Rewarding socially responsible corporate conduct.
  • Obtaining the most favourable possible legislation for employee savings, while strictly respecting the primacy of salaries.

CIES awards its label to employee savings products on the basis of three sets of criteria:

  • Quality/price: moderation of management costs, investment protection by arbitrage between three different asset classes, quality of service to employees.
  • Socially responsible management: SRI process conception, quality of procedures and analyses, resources and personnel employed.
  • Governance: majority (2/3) of employees represented in the supervisory boards, exercise of voting rights in GMs, auditing rights.

In 2018, fifteen products were awarded this label, including the GROUPAMA EPARGNE SALARIALE range.

SRI Label

Created and supported by the French Finance Ministry, this label aims to increase the visibility of socially responsible investment (SRI) products among savers and investors in France and Europe. The general guidelines and specifications were defined by the government by decree on 8 January 2016. This decree describes the criteria of eligibility and labelling. The terms of reference of the public SRI Label comprise six main pillars:

  • The general (financial and ESG) objectives of the fund
  • The ESG analysis and rating methodology applied by the companies in which the fund is invested
  • Consideration of ESG factors in the construction and life of the portfolio
  • The policy of ESG engagement with the companies in which the fund is invested (voting and dialogue)
  • Transparency in fund management
  • Measurement of the positive impacts of ESG management on the development of a sustainable economy.

The ISR Euro Capital Durable and Groupama Crédit Euro ISR funds have both held the SRI Label since its introduction in 2016.