17 September 2021

Groupama Asset Management is extending the SRI certification of its funds to all its strategies

The aim of the Groupama AM programme to certify its funds with the French "ISR" Label is to extend the validation of its socially responsible investment practices to a wide range of asset classes and management strategies

Label ISR

This approach enables the company to propose SRI solutions validated by the French “ISR” Label in each segment of the range, thereby providing complementarity between products as a broader basis for the asset allocation strategies of our investor-clients.


Over a period of 18 months, the ISR Label programme of Groupama AM has resulted in the certification of 15 funds, representing a total of more than 17.73 billion euros of assets under management as on 31/08/2021. The following funds are certified by the French ISR Label:

Conviction Equity Strategy

  • G Fund Equity Convictions ISR,
  • Groupama France Stock
  • France Gan
  • G Fund World Vision (R)

Small & Mid-Caps Strategy

  • G Fund Avenir Europe
  • Groupama Avenir Euro

Money Market Strategy

  • Groupama Trésorerie

Fixed Income Strategy

  • Groupama Crédit Euro CT
  • G Fund – Global Bonds
  • G Fund Crédit Euro ISR
  • Groupama Etat Euro ISR

Convertibles Strategy

  • Groupama Convertibles

Multi-Asset and thematic Multi-Asset Strategies

  • G Fund Future for Generations,
  • Groupama Epargne & Retraite Dynamique
  • Groupama Epargne & Retraite Perspective Dynamique

In addition to the conventional asset classes (equity, corporate bonds and diversified portfolios), which are already covered by ISR-certified funds, the asset management company has opted to broaden the scope to specific and more restricted asset classes. In line with this approach, solutions invested in convertible bonds, sovereign debt and Small and Mid-Caps have been integrated into the ISR Label programme this year.

So, with this programme, Groupama AM is placing its recognized expertise and specialized capacity in socially responsible investment at the service of each of its management franchises.

These investment vehicles provide mutually complementary products that enable investor-clients to fine-tune their asset allocation choices.

“We are cultivating a culture of excellence. That is why we have extended our programme. The award of the ISR Label provides independent confirmation of our capabilities in both financial and extra-financial analysis and also validates our investment ideas in segments as sophisticated as small and mid-caps or convertible bonds. For these asset classes, the relevant research is rare or hard to access, and so high-level proprietary resources are required,” declares Mirela Agache-Durand, CEO of Groupama Asset Management,.

Together with these ISR Label funds, Groupama AM provides a Greenfin Label fund for clients looking to make an impact in the environmental domain: G Fund Global Green Bonds.


* ISR is the French acronym for SRI, Socially Responsible Investment


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