3 June 2019

After fifty-six years of existence, the Monde Gan fund becomes G Fund World Vision[R]

Created in 1963, and one of the pioneers of UCITS, the Monde Gan fund managed by Groupama Asset Management is changing its name to G Fund World Vision[R]. The strategy of the fund remains unchanged: invested in international equity, the fund has preserved its active management style based on stock-picking and a long-term vision of investment.

UCITS pioneer Monde Gan is changing its name to G Fund World Vision [R]. The fund, with assets under management attaining 432.23 million euros*, is retaining the investment philosophy that has ensured its success over several decades, namely an active, risk-control management style based on selective stock-picking in international equity, in order to outperform its benchmark index, the MSCI World developed markets.

The composition of the portfolio is based on rigorous risk control and a combined top-down and bottom-up approach, founded on both fundamental and quantitative analysis by the management team. The international investment universe of the fund provides a rich variety of opportunities. With no constraint on the share “style” or the size of capitalization, G Fund World Vision[R] can invest in all the securities on the main world stock markets, in all sectors and geographical zones, taking advantage of global themes that are judged to be particularly promising by the fund manager.

Philippe Vialle

This freedom of action has always enabled the fund to adopt an all-terrain approach, which has been the key to its resilience in weathering the various market shocks over several decades. The diversification and depth of the market that are offered by an investment universe of this type open the fund to multiple performance drivers.

The fund's diversification is not only geographical and sectoral but also applies to the individual stock level: our stock-picking strategy attaches high importance to the selection of "individual histories" that are not necessarily correlated to one another. The variety of these investment cases gives the fund added robustness

Philippe Vialle
Manager of G Fund World Vision[R]

To confirm the point, the fund has more than 100 lines in its portfolio.

Identifying the trends that create long-term value

 The G Fund World Vision [R] management strategy capitalizes on societal value-creation trends, in some cases based on long tradition, but avoids adopting a specific “thematic” positioning. “These trends are important for our stock-picking. We wish to identify corporate “stories” at a relatively early stage and accompany them over many years, with the logic of the long-term investor,” affirms Philippe Vialle.

“For example, the evolution of IT infrastructure, the boom of cloud architectures and the development of the semiconductor (hardware) market have been a key focus of investment ideas over the last few years. Similarly, we are also currently developing the theme of biotechs in the health sector, targeting companies capable of conceiving medical technologies in oncology and the treatment of orphan diseases,” he adds, by way of example.

The aim of G Fund World Vision [R] is to offer institutional investors and professionals in distribution and private management an agile and historically proven solution, giving turnkey access to global share markets. The fund has an annualized performance of +7,8% since the appointment of Philippe Vialle as manager*.

Looking back on the six decades that it has endured - a unique achievement in the asset management industry- we can affirm that G Fund World Vision [R] is built for the long term. In short, it has a long-term vision of the trends of tomorrow.

Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan
Head of Business Development

* the cited performance corresponds to that of the ID part (ISIN code FR0000097156) on 09/05/2006 (date when Philippe Vialle took the positions as manager of the SICAV) to 31/12/2018. The performance of the other parts may differ as a function of fee levels. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


Regulatory information on G Fund World Vision[R]- IC

ISIN Code FR0010318121
AMF Classification International shares
Legal status SICAV
Benchmark MSCI World closure € (net dividends reinvested)
Type of investment fund UCITS
Capitalization/ Distribution C
Bloomberg code MONDGAC FP
Total Net Assets 432,23 Mill EUR at 04/30/2019*
NAV valuation period Daily
Subscriptions / redemptions Every day up before 11:00, hours, Paris time – NAV unknown – Settlement D+3
Maximum management fees (%) Fixed: 1.1%

Variable: None

Entry charge (%) Not paid into the UCITS : 2.75%

Paid into the UCITS : None

Redemption charge (%) Not paid into the UCITS : None

Paid into the UCITS : None

Transaction commission Yes
Custodian bank CACEIS BANK France


Data at 04/30/2019



*Assets under management of the fund, at 04/30/2019



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