15 February 2021

Groupama Asset Management enlists Muriel Heitzmann as ALM Director, responsible for insurance management

Groupama Asset Management is reinforcing its expertise in customized portfolio management for insurance companies, mutual funds and life and disability insurance funds ("institutions de prévoyance"), with the recruitment of Muriel Heitzmann to the post of ALM (Asset Liability Management) Director responsible for insurance management. In this role, she is also joining the team of the steering committee of the asset management company.

Muriel Heitzmann has more than 20 years of experience in the asset management industry, after successively holding the positions of Senior Manager Guaranteed Funds, Head of Structured Products and finally Global Head of Guaranteed and Structured Products between 1996 and 2016 at Sinopia Asset Management (now absorbed by HSBC Global Asset Management). In 2017, Muriel Heitzmann joined AG2R La Mondiale, where she had the role of Director of front-office and financial engineering in the Investments and Finance department. In this capacity, she was also a member of the management board of AG2R La Mondiale Asset Management.

With her experience in the management of investments of an insurance company, Muriel Heitzmann has acquired a solid knowledge of the stakes and specific needs of investors in the insurance sector.

As the head of the insurance management team of Groupama Asset Management, Muriel Heitzmann will be the key contact of the investment management team of the Groupama Group and of its network of regional funds. She will also have the task of coordinating the development of management capacities and the range of services and solutions on behalf of external insurance investors.

Our expertise in insurance management is part of the DNA of Groupama Asset Management, being, as we are, a subsidiary of the Groupama insurance group. We capitalize on the competencies historically deployed in the service of the Groupama Group to propose customized solutions to our customers in the insurance sector. The arrival of Muriel Heitzmann, whose profile confers a real advantage, is evidence of our shared ambition - to provide long-term support to these institutions through our 'solutions and services' approach.'. We intend to continue to provide effective answers to the specific challenges faced by insurance companies in their investments, in terms of their financial, accounting and prudential management

Mirela Agache Durand
CEO of Groupama Asset Management


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