12 October 2018

Hard close of G FUND Avenir Europe IC, a compartment of the G FUND collective investment fund under Luxembourg law

Further to our announcement on 3 October that we would be activating the restrictions applicable to subscriptions and conversions (i.e. that we were performing a "hard close") of the G FUND Avenir Europe compartment for the GC, ICHF, ICHFH, IUSD, IUSDH, NCHF, NCHFH, NUSD, NUSDH, P, OD, R and VC shares, we now inform you that we have also applied these restrictions on subscriptions to the IC share of the G FUND - Avenir Europe compartment since 5 October 2018.

G FUND – Avenir Europe is a compartment of the Luxembourg-based G Fund open-end collective investment fund (“SICAV”) managed by Groupama Asset Management and invested in European small and mid-cap equities, with the management aim of outperforming the fund’s benchmark index, the MSCI Europe Small Caps  Euro (net dividends reinvested).

Regulatory Information  on the Groupama  G FUND Avenir Europe :

The restriction of subscriptions and conversions will be applied to all the shares mentioned in the tables below, with effect from 5 October at 12:00 hrs (Luxembourg time)

ISIN IC  Code:  LU0675296932

Legal status : Compartment under Luxembourg law, (open-end collective investment fund).

Benchmark : MSCI Europe Small Caps € ((net dividends reinvested)

Type of investment fund: UCITS

Total Net Asset : 778.8 Mill. EUR on 28/09/2018

NAV valuation period: Daily

Subscriptions / redemptions Every day up to 12:00 h, Luxembourg time – NAV unknown – Settlement D+3

Custodian bank : CACEIS BANK Luxembourg


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