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The latest trade – Groupama Convertibles IC (FR0010301283) and G Fund Convertible Bonds IC (LU0571100584)

Jean Fauconnier, Convertible Bonds Portfolio Manager, presents the latest trades carried out on the funds Groupama Convertibles IC (FR0010301283) and G Fund Convertible Bonds IC (LU0571100584).

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Flash – Market update : 2018, or the year of the tweets

2018 was a volatile year for the markets, with investors being concerned about a less bright economic future. The strong decrease of risky assets makes us believe in a trend reversal.

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Hard close of G FUND Avenir Europe IC, a compartment of the G FUND collective investment fund under Luxembourg law

Further to our announcement on 3 October that we would be activating the restrictions applicable to subscriptions and conversions (i.e. that we were performing a "hard close") of the G FUND Avenir Europe compartment for the GC, ICHF, ICHFH,…

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Which strategy should be adopted in a divergent environment ?

Pierre-Alexis Dumont, Head of Equities & Convertible Investments, Groupama Asset Management, and fund manager of the G Fund Total Return All Cap Europe NC EUR fund (LU0857959612) states his convictions.

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Flash Note YTD 2018 : Groupama Cash Equivalent

Since the beginning of the year 2018, the performance of the fund (share class I-C EUR FR0012599645, from 29/12/2017 to 01/10/2018), is down 0.11%, compared to a fall of 0.28% for its benchmark index, the Eonia capitalised.

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Groupama Asset Management anuncia un hard close en el fondo G FUND Avenir Europe, compartimento de la Sicav luxemburguesa G FUND

El Consejo de Administración de la SICAV G Fund ha decidido el 2 octubre de 2018, conforme a las disposiciones del folleto en vigor, activar las restricciones aplicables a las suscripciones y traspasos (hard-close) del compartimento G FUND…

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