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Flash G Fund World Vision(R)

CORONAVIRUS : positioning of our G Fund World Vision(R)

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Flash Money Market – post PEPP*

Without being able to reassure the markets definitively, governments and central banks have been stepping up their interventions over the past few days to help companies and banks cope with the brutal global economic deterioration.

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Measures put in place by Groupama AM in response to the Coronavirus pandemic

Given the impacts of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and in particular the successive measures that have been taken by the public authorities over the last few days, we would like to give some updated information concerning the…

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Flash Coronavirus – G Fund Alpha Fixed Income

Over one year (from 12 March 2019 to 12 March 2020), G Fund Alpha Fixed Income has grown by 1.25% (share class I-C EUR LU0571101715), with a volatility of 0.80%, while its reference index, the capitalized EONIA, is down -0.41%.

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Flash Coronavirus – Groupama Crédit Euro / G Fund Crédit Euro ISR

The panic on the markets has inevitably hit all asset classes dubbed "risky". However, the decrease in rates has succeeded limiting the falls in corporate bond prices.

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G Fund Short Term Absolute Return – Flash Coronavirus

L'accélération de la propagation du Coronavirus dans les pays développés et notamment en Europe continue de provoquer une violente onde de choc sur les marchés.

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FLASH – Obbligazioni Convertibili

CORONAVIRUS : Posizionamento dei nostri fondi convertibili.

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Groupama Ultra Short Term Bonds

The net performance of Groupama Ultra Short Term Bonds (share class I-C, FR0012599645) is down 0.24% since the beginning of the year (as on 11 March 2020). Its benchmark index, the capitalized EONIA, is down 0.09%. We consider this performance…

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