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    Our mission is to bring clarity, give you the right benchmarks and offer you better visibility of the future...


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    On the strength of its experience acquired with the insurance companies of the Groupama Group, Groupama AM proposes investment solutions ...


    A responsible vision of finance

    From the outset, Groupama Asset Management has positioned itself in the camp of responsible investment, since from the early 2000's the group ...

    Key figures

    117,2 € billion Asset under Management as of 2021/012/31

    244 employees as of 2021/12/31 (In France, Italy and Spain)

    73 Analysts, Portfolio Managers and as of 2021/12/31 (In France)

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    Visuel Avenir

    G Fund - Avenir Europe NC

    Asset range : Equities Expertise : Europe Equities

    The selection of value-creating business models for the shareholder as the most appropriate strategy for identifying best medium to long-term performance. This selection relies on candidate companies visits and management meetings.


    G Fund - Alpha Fixed Income NC

    Asset range : Bonds Expertise : World Bonds

    The Subfund aims to manage a diversified portfolio of securities from OECD, European Union or G20 member countries, invested in bonds, convertible bonds, debt securities and money market instruments, as well as derivative instruments, in order to achieve the investment objective.

    Visuel produits - Monétaire

    G Fund - Global Inflation Short Duration NC

    Asset range : Bonds Expertise : World bonds

    G Fund - Global Inflation Short Duration is designed for investors seeking protection against an upside inflation surprise scenario. The fund invests primarily in short duration inflation-linked bonds.