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Responsible, value-added solutions for all main asset classes.

Groupama Asset Management provides you with investment strategies for all major asset classes. Our aim is to seek out innovation and performance by means value-added solutions in combination with effective and rigorous risk management. For this purpose, our investment teams can draw on powerfull internal capabilities financial and extra-financial research and financial engineering.

A a historic player in the financial support of insurers, mutual funds and pension and contingency funds, Groupama has structured the management of its open-end and dedicated products into teams of experts bringing specialized excellence to their different fields. Take a look at two of these expert competencies especially relevant to the present economic context.

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Groupama aSSET mANAGEMENT in nutshell

The strength of conviction management

Founded in 1993, Groupama Asset Management is the wholly owned asset management subsidiary of French multi-line mutual insurance group Groupama. With over 100 billion euros of assets under management as on 2023/12/31, including 25 % for third-party distributors, Groupama Asset Management offers the following key advantages :



ESG at the heart

of corporate strategy
and culture

As a subsidiary of Groupama, France's 8th largest multi-line insurance company, we share the DNA of our parent company and its attachment to human and social values.

For more than 20 years, we have been putting our expertise in responsible investment into practice, powered by the firm conviction that the most virtuous companies when it comes to tackling Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges also provide opportunities for sustainable high performance over the long term. This conviction is applied across all departments of the company, as witnessed by: 

•    The systematic integration of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in the analysis of companies
•     A policy of individual and collective engagement with issuers.
•     Consistent and proactive governance
•     Support for our clients and partners in implementing improvments in the sustainability of investments.

Our clients - institutional investors, financial intermediaries and private investors - benefit from our responsible, conviction-based management approach that aims to deliver sustainable high performance.

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A committed employer

Groupama Asset Management has structured its organisation into specialized teams of experts unified by a collaborative approach that encourages interchange and sharing between teams and with the executive committee.


This bold approach is cemented by a shared vision:

  1. The quest for performance is founded on anticipation and underpinned by genuine, well-founded convictions.
  2. Although short-term market movements provide interesting insights, convictions are based on fundamental analysis and a long-term vision.
  3. The diversity of viewpoints, profiles and expertise is essential to nourish and develop this vision.

Regulatory documents

Discover Groupama Asset Management's policies: corporate policies and regulatory reporting; those on sustainable finance and those concerning investor protection.


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