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Are you looking for cash investments ?

Groupama Asset Management offers you a comprehensive range of expert short-term solutions, tailored to meet your needs for reduces exposure to risk: low volatility, low liquidity risk, targeting higher yield than the money market combined with risk management . The investment horizons range from 1 month to 18 months.

Key Features of our Short Term Solution more than 30 years of experience, 231 billion euros in assets under management, long-standing, historic player in short-term solutions in France direct access to the market due to our position as leader.


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speciality credit

Are you looking for investment opportunities in the less well-trodden domains of the credit market? 

Groupama Asset Management offers you the services of a Specialty Credit team that combines a set of corporate bond investment strategies, including:
> High Yield credit,
>  Target maturity fund management,
> Subordinate debt,
> Convertible bonds.

This management style can be the perfect fit for investors having higher than average risk tolerance and seeking yield sources in the less conventional domains of the credit market.



Are you looking for investment opportunities in government bonds, inflation-linked bonds, credit or aggregate2 Bonds? Groupama Asset Management offers you specialized expertise in "core" portfolio fixed income products with a broad spectrum of Euro and Global strategies.

Our teams apply an active fundamental management style in the tracking and permanent analysis of:
>   Interest rates,
>   Estimated quality of issuers,
>   And market liquidity.

Our teams combine long-term macroeconomic perspectives with short-term tactical management to harness opportunities in the changing economic cycles.
Risk management plays a central role in the monitoring, analysis and structuring  of the portfolios.

2 All government and corporate bonds

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Are you looking for a long-term investment with an active, conviction-based management approach , without the constraints of a benchmark and founded on in-depth knowledge of the issuing companies?

Groupama Asset Management offers you an expert  Specialty Equity department founded on a long-term vision of investment. The managers select companies in Europe and the world with a fundamental management approach based on investment processes that have been tried and tested through the various cycles of the market.

As a recognized leader in Small and Mid Caps investment management since 1994, our dedicated management team aims to select companies with sustainable growth  strategies that the team can support in the development of their business over the long term. Groupama Asset Management also provides thematic funds that aim to create value by harnessing long-term structural trends (Disruption, Health and Real Estate), combined with a strategy based on the Value management style.


EQUITY blend

Are you looking for a long-term investment with an active, responsible and conviction-based management style ?

Groupama Asset Management offers you an expert Equity Blend team founded on a long-term vision of investment.

Our investment professionals select companies in Europe and the world taking an essentially disciplined “Bottom-Up “investment approach, without the structural biases of style, sector or market capitalization.

However, the “Top-Down“ approach is also adopted to analyse the impacts of our macroeconomic and financial scenario, anticipate structural trends and identify the potential of specific economic sectors or investment themes.

Groupama AM is a historic player in this asset class, with its first Global Equity fund launched in 1969.

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Do you want to play a part in the real economy and have an impact on the Social pillar of ESG?

After establishing a management partnership  in 2018, Groupama Asset Management launched a private debt fund managed by a dedicated management team in 2022. This investment solution is based on seeking yield by financing French and European small, medium-sized and mid-market companies, while contributing to meeting major social objectives (Article 9 Funds conforming to the SFDR regulation).

Our team selects companies based on their willingness to undertake commitments in favour of their employees, and we encourage them to improve their social performance according to 2 criteria: job creation and increasing the purchasing power of their employees. By promoting social criteria, we aim to have a positive and practical impact on employees and their productivity, and therefore also on the long-term growth of the companies.



Are you looking for a range of funds profiled to respond to your specific needs and objectives and taking account of your specific risk / return profile (SRI)?

Groupama Asset Management has developed an expert team based on its own internal capabilities in
asset allocation and stock picking / fund selection.

And, thanks to its distribution network,, Groupama AM can report a large and stable volume of assets under management.

Portfolios are managed very actively with long-term strategic positions on the allocation of the major asset classes, combined with a more tactical vision to adapt the portfolios to shorter-term opportunities.

Whereas many asset management companies propose thematic equity funds, Groupama AM has developed a distinctive approach to balance the attraction of investors to thematic investment with a mixed risk profile (equity / fixed income.).

The investment strategy focuses on the challenges of the future: - climate, energy,  sustainable consumption and health, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs).

Gestion assurantielle


asset and liability management

Are you looking for customized management, covering all asset classes and incorporating the 
accounting, regulatory and technical constraints together with your ESG commitments?

As a historic player in asset management for insurance companies, mutual, pension and provident institutions, Groupama AM is able to offer you broad spectrum of servicesfrom diagnostics to the design of tailor-made, long-term and sustainable investment solutions.

For over 25 years, our investment philosophy has been to generate recurring financial returns, while delivering long-term performance and ensuring the financial and extra-financial quality of the assets under management.

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