A profession, our purpose


We at Groupama Asset Management believe that finance can help change the world and shape that of tomorrow.

This is why our committed, convinced, enthusiastic and expert employees apply their know-how in the field day after day to select and invest in companies that build their performance sustainably.

Allowing our customers to make this choice for the future while guaranteeing them responsible and efficient investment is our whole reason for being.

A reason for being expressed through our claim: INVEST FOR FUTURE

Groupama AM in a nutshell (2022)


Since its creation in 1993 Groupama Asset Management, a subsidiary of Groupama, has established its place as one of the top French players in the field of asset management. Groupama Asset Management, which historically operated on behalf of numerous entities of the Groupama Group, has now put its expertise and know-how at the service of institutional investors, companies and distributors.