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Motivation, individual responsibility and confidence

The fundamental ambition of the Human Resources policy of the Group is to promote the development of each employee’s competences and responsibility, because our employees are at the heart of our performance.

We pay great attention to the motivation of each one of them. Consequently, Groupama Asset Management has undertaken a major training programme and, via internal mobility, is offering its employees career variety and new opportunities.

Also, the individual responsibility of each employee is encouraged by means of clear and motivating individual targets with measurable indicators. Each employee knows the aims of the company and how he or she is expected to contribute to them, both individually and as part of a team.

This policy and the associated actions are implemented in a spirit of raised confidence, which is another key element in the success of the Group. Finally, the close proximity of the Executive Committee strengthens the sense of belonging and the pride in being part of the team.


Diversity is a priority at Groupama Asset Management, because it enhances the richness and performance of the company.

Consequently, Groupama Asset Management does not confine itself to recruiting confirmed talents but also opens the door to young talents with diversified career paths and also takes on numerous trainees and interns.