17 January 2017

Euro Capital Durable and Groupama Credit Euro ISR receive the ISR label for socially responsible investment

French standards institute AFNOR has just granted the "ISR Label" for socially responsible investment to 2 funds managed by Groupama AM: Euro Capital Durable and FCP Groupama Credit Euro ISR. (1) As of 30/12/2016, these two funds have assets under management of € 216 million and € 251 million respectively

Groupama AM: A responsible vision of finance

Groupama Asset Management has been actively committed to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) for more than fifteen years, and the company is now reaffirming its conviction that the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the heart of an issuer’s strategy can only improve the issuer’s performance.


For Philippe Setbon, CEO of Groupama Asset Management, “The expectations of clients, who are now seeking more stable and sustainable finance, have played their part in this market development, and Groupama Asset Management has naturally established itself as a reference for clients who desire a combination of high performance with respect for the criteria of CSR. ”


More about the ISR Label

Created under the auspices of the French Finance Ministry, the “ISR Label” is the successor of a private label created at the initiative of Novethic in 2009. This public label is promoted jointly by AFG (“Association Française de Gestion Financière”, the French asset management industry association) and FIR (“Forum pour l’Investissement Responsable” – the French responsible investment forum).

The aim of the label is to make SRI products more visible for investors in France and Europe, by guaranteeing that the management of these products is based on robust methodologies with rigorous transparency requirements and high-quality information.

More information : http://www.lelabelisr.fr/

(1) more information on our funds : http://products.groupama-am.com/com_eng/panorama