29 January 2019

Groupama Asset Management announces the recruitment of Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan as Head of Business Development

Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan is joining Groupama Asset Management as Head of Business Development and member of the company's Executive Committee. In this capacity, she will be assuming responsibility for the Sales, Client Services and Marketing teams.

"We are very happy to welcome Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan, whose skills will enable Groupama AM to accelerate its development with third party clients in several highly integrated segments of our "GAM 2.022" strategic plan."

Philippe Setbon
CEO Groupama AM
Jean-Marie CATALA

"We wish to consolidate our positioning with third party clients, in particular institutional clients, which constitute a historic segment for Groupama AM, and also to reinforce the structure of our product mix. At the same time, our future growth will be boosted by new strategic channels. In terms of markets, two essential vectors include international development and distribution on the retail segment, especially via the networks of the Groupama Group. A corollary will be the broadening of our product spectrum, with the development of a range of innovative, high value-added investment solutions."

Jean-Marie Catala
Deputy CEO Groupama AM

Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan started her career in 2007 with Morgan Stanley Investment Management as part of the Distribution Sales team. From 2010 to 2016, she worked at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in the capacity of Director of sales for France and Israel, where she was responsible for the development of third-party institutional and distribution clients. Since January 2017, Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan has been employed by Generali Investments as Head of the Sales, Client Services and Marketing teams in France, Luxembourg and Spain.

Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan is a graduate of ESSEC Business School.

Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan will report directly to Jean-Marie Catala, Deputy CEO of Groupama AM.