27 September 2021

Groupama Asset Management is reinforcing the organization of its sales department

Groupama Asset Management is reinforcing the organization at the top of its sales department: Olivier Le Braz is joining the sales team headed by Arnaud Ganet

Olivier Le Braz has been appointed Global Institutional Customers Manager, while Arnaud Ganet assumes the role of Global Distribution Manager, while maintaining his position as Head of Sales. The aim of this adjustment is to consolidate the provision of proximity-based and cross-segment sales at pan-European level to investor customers.

Groupama Asset Management continues to reinforce its capacity and its organization. The changes in its sales department closely correspond to the objectives outlined in the strategic plan of the asset management company, including the diversification of growth centres and the internationalization of its asset management business.

The aim of this reorganization is to further accelerate collaboration and synergy between sales forces both at geographical level and across different customer segments.

“We are responding to the profound transformations of the asset management industry. We wish to remain as close as possible to the needs and organization of our investor customers. These customers are increasingly deploying a decentralized organization model, consisting of multi-country or cross-border hubs,” says Rebecca Fischer Bensoussan, Head of Business Development.

“We are therefore consolidating our proximity-based sales approach while also reinforcing our ‘international capacity. In summary, the dynamics of our global growth are based on an expanded multi-local organization,” affirms Jean-Marie Catala, Deputy CEO of Groupama AM.

By drawing on the complementarities between the sales teams dedicated to the institutional and distribution segments, Groupama AM also aims to encourage innovation.

A Ganet
[Arnaud Ganet, Directeur commercial]
“We are nurturing synergies between teams to provide a suitable environment for generating ideas and shared initiatives. This approach will enable us to propose our services and products with an even more closely integrated approach, providing faster market introduction to meet the needs of our customers,” explains Arnaud Ganet.

“The fact that we are located alongside investors in France and on the international markets, in particular in Italy, Spain and Latin America, gives us a unique field of observation. We can measure the specificities and requirements of both the institutional and distribution segments on these various markets. This enables us to pool a number of best practices, in terms of fund range partnerships or the development of product lines on the international scale,” add Olivier Le Braz and Arnaud Ganet.

Olivier Le Braz
[Olivier Le Braz, Responsable clientèle institutionnelle globale]
In addition to these changes, Groupama AM will continue to strengthen its sales teams. After the arrival last May of Juan Rodriguez-Fraile as Country Manager Spain, further recruitments are under way in Rome and Milan. The asset management company’s vision of its human capital is founded on an “intrapreneurial” philosophy and on the enrichment of individual skills development.

The 2 development pillars, Institutional Customers and Distributors, form the core of our growth strategy.. On 31 August 2021, Groupama Asset Management registered net inflow of 8.3 billion euros for the year to-date, with 2/3 of this inflow from institutional customers and 1/3 from distribution professionals.


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