Measures put in place by Groupama AM in response to the Coronavirus pandemic



Given the impacts of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and in particular the successive measures that have been taken by the public authorities over the last few days, we would like to give some updated information concerning the organizational action taken by our company to ensure business continuity.

For several days, Groupama AM has been taking all the preventive and organizational measures necessary to ensure the safety of its employees while guaranteeing full continuity of its services to our customers and partners.

We are confident in our ability to maintain our top level of service in the current context. We are closely monitoring the situation at the highest management level and are constantly adapting our organization.

What measures have been taken at Groupama AM in response to the Coronavirus – Covid-19 pandemic?


General organization of the company and preventive measures

All the WHO recommendations and those issued by the health authorities of the countries concerned have been implemented, together with the directives specific to the Groupama Group and to Groupama AM, as laid down in our Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Daily global supervision of the new organizational arrangements is conducted by the Executive Committee of Groupama AM, in order to coordinate the further actions to be progressively introduced as the situation requires.

Our organizational response always prioritizes home-working where this is possible or the systematic activation of teams of two people, to reduce the possibility of staff unavailability due to the new confinement rules and school closures. At all our premises, we are also planning to establish zones complying with the social distancing rules for the employees who are required/able to work on-site under special exemption conditions.

We have identified the top-priority teams, namely management, negotiating table, middle office, subscriptions-redemptions, IT and risks, in order to ensure the maintenance and safeguarding of our business and services.

To guarantee the safety of our employees, customers, service providers and partners, we are prioritizing telephone or video conferencing methods.


Particular case of our Italian subsidiary

Travel between our French and Italian offices has been prohibited for the last 3 weeks. The Italian team, located mainly in Rome, is strictly following the instructions of the Italian authorities, and the local employees have been confined to their homes since last week. Activity has been maintained by means of home-working.


We will continue to keep you informed of any changes in our working arrangements. Our teams remain at your service to provide any additional information you may require.