5 February 2020

Third-party distribution – 2019 Groupama Asset Management reports net inflow of 1.2 billion euros in 2019

This year, once again, Groupama Asset Management has registered significant inflow: despite a context of risk aversion on the markets, the net inflow of subscriptions from external customers totalled 1.2 billion euros as of 31st December 2019*.

  • This dynamic performance reflects the robustness of the company’s development model, based on broadening the spectrum of products and services offered, in particular via ESG and the diversification and internationalization of customer segments.

The net inflow of subscriptions from external customers is again positive this year, reaching 1.2 billion euros in 2019, thereby increasing the total assets under management to 105.3 billion euros (on 31 December 2019, compared to 99.4 billion on 31 December 2018). So, at the close of 2019, the share of assets managed by Groupama AM on behalf of third parties is 22% of the company’s total assets under management, an increase of about 16% over the course of 2019.

In a market environment still dominated by risk aversion, the upward momentum of inflow has proved to be robust, in particular in the money-market and fixed-income asset classes, which account for the vast majority of subscriptions.

The internationalization and diversification of growth sources have continued. Almost 39% of the assets managed on behalf of third parties come from international investors, while the diversification of the “client mix” has increased.


Diversification of the customer base – in France and on international markets – lays a firm foundation for the long term

In detail, the development of international activity is reflected in a net inflow of 584 million euros, largely from the distribution market in Spain.

At the same time, Groupama Asset Management has increased its market shares with insurance-industry institutional investors, a segment for which the company has a natural affinity, based on its historic experience as part of the Groupama Group. This insurance portfolios management activity for external customers has grown considerably in 2019, with the conception of innovative investment services and solutions tailored to the regulatory, financial and accounting environment of insurance companies. As a result, the insurance portfolios under management on behalf of third parties increased by 84% in 2019.

In terms of customer profiles, Groupama Asset Management has in particular registered a net inflow of 507 million euros from the distribution segment.


Jean-Marie CATALA

These very good results are a vindication of our efforts to identify and develop new sources of growth. The diversification of our activity in France and internationally constitutes a firm foundation for the long-term sustainability of Groupama Asset Management in weathering economic and financial cycles. The development of our research and management capacities, in combination with our investment in the human technological and marketing resources required to expand our range of products and services, in particular in the domain of ESG, have enabled us to respond effectively to the changing needs of institutional customers and financial and corporate product distributors.

Jean-Marie CATALA
Deputy CEO of Groupama Asset Management

Active expansion of the investment range, founded in particular on deploying the integration of ESG criteria

The performance of our asset management product spectrum was recognized this year with 12 awards (funds and product ranges), in particular for equity management (Euro, European and International) and convertibles management, reflecting our proven expertise in these asset classes.

In 2019, in direct continuity with the policy and values of the group, Groupama Asset Management accelerated the integration of ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance) at all levels of the company. New funds have been launched to provide a solution to customers wishing to commit to sustainable investment: G Fund Future for Generations and G Fund Green Bonds, for which a certification procedure is in progress to obtain recognized sustainability labels (SRI and Greenfin labels).

In 2020, to reinforce the development of the company, the Groupama Asset Management teams will be concentrating on three major challenges.

Our ambition is to accelerate the deployment of our strategy of sustainability certification and ESG integration, to reinforce our distribution network and to continue upscaling our profession as asset manager. However, beyond these goals, in the current context of low interest rates, we must also meet the challenge to seize the development opportunities provided by the "Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation" ("PACTE law") in France and by the new technological innovations

Mirela Agache-Durand
CEO of Groupama Asset Management.


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