Our expert teams

Groupama Asset Management provides all its customers with active and fundamental asset management. This management is underpinned by recognized research that is applied across all our areas of expertise.

By focusing on differentiation rather than exhaustiveness in its management services, Groupama Asset Management is able to propose a range of investment funds based on diversity and complementarity. This range consists of benchmarked active management solutions (money market, fixed income and equity management) and external solutions and is based on combining specific expertise in asset allocation and portfolio composition (diversified management flexible management etc.).


> Expert team European High-Conviction Equity Investments

A commitment to mastery

To improve the long-term risk/ reward trade-off, Groupama Asset Management undertakes to adopt a highly active approach to investment.

A rigorous and high-performing method

This highly active approach is based on a management style that is both methodical and fundamental. Our equities management relies on in-depth knowledge of the companies concerned, within a rigorous analytical framework at the service of stock picking, as the key driving force in performance.

The European High-Conviction Equity team combines distinctive strategies that reflect the strongest convictions of our experts.

These strategies are constructed on the basis of a long-term vision of the investment. By adopting a prospective approach, strong and durable convictions regarding the securities can be identified. Our experts, who have the aim of improving the risk / reward trade-off for the asset class in which they have invested, rely on rigorous analysis processes and a strict selection methodology. Stock-picking is the main source of added value for the European High-Conviction Equity team.

> Expert Team Active Equities

The Active Equities Management Expert Team offers funds invested on the European and international equities markets.

The management teams of Groupama Asset Management, consisting of responsive and experienced experts, implement an active fundamental management strategy via tried and tested investment procedures over different market cycles. Risk management plays a central role in this approach. The decisions on the appropriate management strategies and procedures are characterized by their collegiality, and synergies are generated from the constant exchanges between experts. These exchanges and discussions aim to provide a global view of the complexity of the equities markets and thereby identify new sources of performance in order to continually improve the management strategies.

> Expert team Unconstrained Fixed Income

A commitment to stability

Groupama Asset Management undertakes to compose fixed income funds or mandates that have all the qualities demanded of fixed income investments: Income, diversification of risks without the drawbacks of volatility, terms that are occasionally too long etc., while maintaining a broad investment universe.

A method suited to constantly changing markets

Our approach is based on a diversified investment policy on fixed income markets and therefore enables us to offer our investors stable performance in markets that are constantly evolving.

With the aid of the Unconstrained Fixed Income Expert Team, our clients can benefit from fixed income management solutions specially adapted to the context of low interest rates and low returns. To continue to deliver the desired return, our experts have developed more flexible management procedures that are better suited to markets in constant evolution. In addition to the return on investment, our experts aim to offer investors solutions that meet their need for diversification of their fixed income portfolios in order to reinforce their stability in the event of a resurgence of volatility.

> Expert Team Convertible Bonds

Favourable context

In a context of long-term decline in interest rates, our clients are increasingly sensitive to convex management strategies. The advantage of these strategies is that they provide clients with performance close to that of equity, while at the same time having less volatility and integrating the risks specific to this asset class. Given our historic experience in Convertible Bonds (almost 20 years), and the competence of our experts in Convertible Bonds, we are able to meet the need for convexity by offering a range of resilient and high-performing products in the Eurozone and Europe.

A strategy with high returns

The Convertible Bonds Expert Team benefits from strong synergies in European equities and private fixed income, for the implementation of high-performance strategies, such as high-yield bonds (Unconstrained Fixed Income Team) and small and mid caps (European High-Conviction Equity Team).

> Expert Team Active Fixed Income

Our Active Fixed Income Expert Team brings together the strategies of private fixed income, aggregate fixed income, government bonds and inflation-indexed bonds.

Our expert teams implement an active fundamental management strategy on behalf of our clients, with risk management playing a central role.

Decisions on the appropriate management strategies and process are characterized by their collegiality, and synergies are generated from the constant exchanges between experts. These exchanges enable our teams to obtain a global view of the complexity of the fixed income markets and thereby constantly improve the management strategies by identifying new sources of performance.

> Expert Team Cash Management

Groupama Asset Management offers money market and fixed income funds adapted to the different cash management needs of investors.  An offer designed to fully meet their main expectations for the asset class: low volatility, liquidity, consistent performance.

> Expert Team Global Asset Allocation

Groupama Asset Management has historic expertise in asset allocation for the main asset classes.

To meet the needs and investment constraints of our clients in markets that are in constant evolution, Groupama Asset Management has adopted investment strategies based on in-depth analysis of the markets and consideration of risks. Our Global Asset Allocation Expert Team combines open products with dedicated investment solutions adjusted to the specific risk profiles and constraints of our clients. 

> Expert Team SRI

A responsible and long-term vision

Since 2001, Groupama Asset Management has been engaged in the promotion of Responsible Investment (RI), which it develops in each of its professional fields. This commitment aims to establish high performance in a long-term and responsible vision of investment.

An effective and sustainable investment policy

The Socially Responsible investment approach consists in systematically considering not only the usual financial criteria of fundamental analysis but also the three extra-financial criteria of environment, social/societal concerns and governance(ESG).

Analysis of these extra-financial criteria provides a global vision of the risks to which the company is exposed, thereby improving our knowledge of securities and enhancing our stock-picking. This analysis also assists the search for sustainable investment covering the medium or long term.