A cross-disciplinary and integrated approach

To provide each of its clients with the best overview of the economic and financial prospects, Groupama AM has established a cross-disciplinary structure dedicated to providing a global understanding of the markets.

  • The economists submit monthly reports on the economic situation, project a central scenario for the medium/long-term and produce fundamental analyses of the sovereign issuers.
  • The financial analysts, for their part, issue their recommendation on credit and equities on the basis of a fundamental financial and ESG analysis of individual sectors and businesses

A country analysis methodology

Today, overall understanding of the quality of a country’s fundamentals is essential. The Groupama AM methodology aims to provide an analysis of the structural economic, financial and political characteristics of the country concerned and to highlight the dynamic interaction between these characteristics and more short-term data. The methodology is based on analysing four types of factor – economic, ESG, financial and specific.

Evaluating the sectors and securities

Groupama AM analysts monitor the key economic sectors and the companies that compose them. To do so, they define the major ESG challenges in each sector, analyse the fundamentals of the relevant companies on the basis of both financial and ESG factors and evaluate their prospects for growth. These analyses are based on attentive examination of published valuations and on meetings with the management of the companies concerned.