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La crisi del coronavirus e le proteste contro il razzismo fattori di influenza nelle prossime elezioni presidenziali negli Usa

L’epidemia di Coronavirus e le attuali proteste contro il razzismo influenzeranno l’esito delle elezioni presidenziali negli Stati Uniti? La risposta è sì, scrive Christophe Morel, capoeconomista di Groupama AM. Questi…


France "En marche!", but still waiting for 18 June

Articles - 09/05/2017

#Elezione #Europa

The result of the second round of the French presidential election is indisputable: victory has gone to a bold, young candidate, amid rejection of the traditionally dominant political parties. However,…


First round of French presidential elections : Point of view on financial markets

Articles - 27/04/2017

#Elezione #Europa

The main lessons of the 1st round The participation rate was high (78.7%) and comparable to the scores obtained at each previous presidential election. The geographical distribution of the vote…