Dear Customers



In the light of the special circumstances that we are facing with the Coronavirus - Covid 19 epidemic, Groupama AM has deployed all the necessary preventive and organisational measures in order to guarantee its employees' safety and continuity of its business.

What measures have been taken within Groupama AM in response to the Coronavirus – Covid 19 epidemic?

All the recommendations of the WHO and the health authorities of the countries involved, in addition to the guidelines specific to the Groupama Group and Groupama AM, as governed by our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) have been applied.

Overall supervision of the provisions is organised on a daily basis by the Management Committee of Groupama AM so as to coordinate the action to be taken as time goes by.


Employee business travel

We have placed online and regularly sent a notice to all employees reminding them of the precautionary instructions, particularly the “barrier measures”, in addition to the rules adopted within our organisation (limiting meetings and travel, banning travel to areas considered at risk). We have also asked employees to check their remote accesses and take their mobility equipment with them every evening for those who have this.

All employees living in, or having spent time in a risk area, or living in clusters are asked to stay at home and telework whenever possible. Individuals who are unable to work remotely have undergone analysis on a case by case basis.


Specific case of our Italian subsidiary

Travel between our French and Italian entities has been prohibited for 3 weeks. This team, mainly located in Rome, is strictly following the instructions of the Italian authorities and the local employees have been confined since yesterday. Teleworking ensures that business is maintained.


What measures would be taken if the situation develops further, particularly progression to stage 3?

The scenario focuses on the use of telework wherever possibleor the activation of personnel pairs to reduce the risk of personnel unavailability as a result of school closures or living far from the workplace. Within our premises, we are also planning to set up areas that respect the conditions of distance between individuals for personnel who have to or are able to go to the site.

Priority teams have been identified: management, negotiating table, middle-office, IT and risks, in order to guarantee that our business is maintained and secured and ensure continuity of services to our customers.


Our teams remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.