15 September 2021

Groupama AM is continuing its programme of obtaining official recognition for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), with the certification of its “Avenir” fund family.

Groupama Asset Management is pleased to announce the award of the French "ISR*" Label to two of its best known funds, Groupama Avenir Euro and G Fund- Avenir Europe.

These two new certifications testify to the continuous commitment of Groupama Asset Management to responsible investment.

Groupama Asset Management is actively pursuing its programme of independent certification for its ethical funds, a process launched almost 18 months ago. As a result, two of its equity funds specializing in small and mid-caps, Groupama Avenir Euro and G Fund – Avenir Europe, have just received the French “ISR” Label, bringing its total number of certified funds to 15.

This new milestone is fully in line with the aims and commitments of Groupama Asset Management in its role as the market reference for responsible investment. “We aim to continue supporting our investor clients with our long-term convictions, as sources of added value, while also promoting our expertise in responsible and sustainable investment. For that reason, our SRI Labelling policy applies all through the range, from our traditional management styles to our specific investment products in more restricted asset classes,” affirms Mirela Agache-Durand, CEO of Groupama AM.

Groupama Avenir Euro and G Fund Avenir Europe are two of the flagship funds of the range and have a performance history of more than 6 years.. Their management style is conviction-based and is founded on a highly selective “stock-picking”** approach in the small and mid-caps universe. This philosophy has enabled these two funds to deliver outstanding performance, with 132.42% for Groupama Avenir Euro NC and 132.6% for G Fund Avenir Europe N over 5 years, positioning both funds in the top10 of their category (Eurozone Mid-Cap Equity category, Morningstar)***.

“The Avenir range is based on stock-picking in the most promising and innovative sectors of the economy, helping to drive growth in Europe. At Groupama AM, our motto is investment in the future. The SRI certification of these two funds was therefore indispensable to our approach,” explains Stéphane Fraenkel, Associate Head of Equity and Convertibles Investments at Groupama AM.

“The French ISR Label is in high demand among our investor clients, both in the institutional and professional distribution universes. Our long-recognized expertise in responsible investment in combination with the depth of our ESG research teams enable us to launch shareholder initiatives in the small and mid-caps segment, where ESG data are often less easily available,” he adds.

Over the last 12 months, Groupama AM has strengthened its small and mid-caps management team with the recruitment of Stéphane Fraenkel, Hervé Lorent (Portfolio manager) and Maxime Prodhomme (analyst-manager). The aim of this reinforced management capacity is to accelerate the development of the small and mid-caps franchise and to ensure the long-term excellence of Groupama AM in this segment of the market.

Stéphane Fraenkel and Hervé Lorent are co-managers of the Groupama Avenir Euro and G Fund – Avenir Europe funds, which respectively comprise assets under management of € 2.31 billion  and € 728 million (at 31/08/21).

* “ISR” is the French acronym for SRI, Socially Responsible Investment

** Stock-picking: active selection of stocks considered to be particularly good investments

*** Performance over 5 years (from 31/08/16 to 31/08/21) Eurozone Mid-Caps Category, Source: Morningstar.

Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance



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