28 April 2021

Groupama AM passes the one billion USD mark in assets under management in Latin America

Groupama Asset Management has announced that it has passed the one billion USD mark in assets under management in Latin America. Access to clients-investors in Latin America (Peru, Chile and Colombia) is provided through a long-standing partnership with Creuza Advisors

The growth of our assets under management, essentially in the Andean region – Peru, Chile  and Colombia – is the result of the development strategy pursued by Groupama AM for about fifteen years, founded on the geographical diversification of growth centres. Our access to local customers is provided through a long-standing partnership with Creuza Advisors, a regional fund distributor based in Lima, Peru.

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Like our neighbouring markets in Italy or Spain, Latin America has historically been a major focus of international development for Groupama AM. In pragmatic terms, we have identified very specific needs there, including the search for alpha*, diversification or niche investment solutions by professional investors that are considered to be sophisticated.

Arnaud Ganet
Global Head of Sales at Groupama Asset Management

So, the management services developed in Latin America are offered to pension funds – which play a preponderant role in the region – insurance companies, private banks, family offices and asset managers for the muti-management portfolios.


These types of investors are considered to be sophisticated and are looking for pure and conviction-based management styles with high alpha generation. With only a few exceptions, the market depth of the local markets is more limited, leading to problems of liquidity and diversification, with the result that Latin American investors turn to the global markets.

Nicolás Lasarte
Partner and Head of Institutional Distribution at Creuza Advisors

“Being a part of the Groupama Group gives us a stamp of know-how and credibility for the professional investors of Latin America. We are able to bring them the benefits of proven investment solutions, such as those deployed on behalf of the Groupama insurance company or via G Fund, our Luxemburg-based open-end collective investment fund (“SICAV”)” adds Arnaud Ganet.


From Paris to Lima, an organization based on service

 In addition to the history and high-quality performance of our asset management solutions, in particular in thematic equity or small and mid-caps, Groupama Asset Management sees customer service as the key to its international development. For example, the management teams assist the company’s Latin American investor customers gain a fuller understanding of the underlying movements of macroeconomic cycles and financial markets. “Our aim is to provide keys to analysis, based on our experience as European asset manager, and to open minds to opportunity, regardless of market conditions”. The tools we use for this are our research studies, discussions and exchanges and regular roadshows with our portfolio managers” explains Arnaud Ganet.

The organization of commercial development in Latin America consists essentially of local representation by Creuza Advisors, which is based in Lima and covers Peru, Chile and Colombia, in coordination with a customer service centre in Madrid and the Groupama AM management teams in Paris. “This development model is robust. We consider Creuza Advisors to be the bridgehead of our commercial capabilities, and we benefit from their in-depth knowledge of the local markets and stakeholders.”  continues Arnaud Ganet.

Groupama Asset Management aims to continue to diversify its range of products and services in Latin America. The asset management company also aims to reinforce its market shares with insurers and private banks and to expand its presence to other countries. “We have observed a growing appetite among Latin American professional investors for SRI and ESG** solutions as sources of opportunity and development. We are also looking at countries such as Mexico, where the problems faced by investors are largely comparable to those of the Andean markets,” concludes Arnaud Ganet.




*Alpha: Alpha measures the capability of a management strategy to outperform its benchmark index

**SRI: Socially Responsible Investment / ESG: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance data



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