1 June 2022


Groupama Asset Management again rewarded by
​​​​​​​“Le Revenu” magazine at the Trophées ceremony

This year, Groupama AM has won 4 Trophées d'Or (gold trophies), one more than last year, in the categories of best equity management Europe over 3 years (insurers category), best equity fund over 10 years for Groupama Avenir Euro, best international equity fund over 10 years for G Fund World Vision R and best sustainable finance equity fund France over 3 years for Groupama France Stock.

The 37th “Trophées du Revenu” awards ceremony was held on 24 May 2022 .

Groupama Asset Management won 4 new “Gold” awards at this event:

  • Trophée d’Or for best equity management Europe* (insurers category, over 3 years)
  • Trophée d’Or for Groupama Avenir Euro (category of best equity funds Europe over 10 years)
  • Trophée d’Or for G Fund World Vision R (category of best international equity funds over 10 years)
  • Trophée d’Or for Groupama France Stock (category of best “ISR Label” (sustainable finance) equity funds France over 3 years)

These awards reflect the management performance of Groupama Asset Management and especially its Equity management.

Already rewarded by “Le Revenu” in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for its equity management range (Europe in 2017 2020, and International in 2018 and 2019), Groupama Asset Management has this year once again confirmed its capability to generate value for its clients in this asset class.

* The following funds were included in the equity management Europe category:: G Fund – Total Return All Cap Europe, Groupama Avenir Euro, G Fund – Avenir Euro and G Fund – Avenir Small Cap Euro.

In an environment undergoing major transition, we remain fully confident of our ability to generate performance for our clients by playing to our strengths, namely our knowledge of the European small and mid-caps universe, which will continue to deliver growth prospects in the short and medium term, the astute stock-picking selectivity, without thematic biases, of our management teams and the broadly transversal, cross-disciplinary approach taken by our teams to foster the generation of ideas. These Trophies once again provide due recognition of this collective commitment and the performance achieved.

Pierre-Alexis Dumont

Head of Equities and Convertibles bonds

Detailed methodology of the “Trophées du Revenu”

For Les Trophées du Revenu, which exclude trackers (ETFs), capital guarantee funds and money-market funds, the jury, together with Morningstar, analysed the 10,500 unique funds approved by the AMF and marketed in France.

The end of the period considered for prices and variations was 31 March 2022.

After a selection process, a total of 39 Trophées were awarded. The awards list is structured into two main sections: 18 trophies are awarded to the best establishments in their category (banks with a network of more than 100 branches, insurers, specialized management companies), for the quality of their fund range over three years in the main investment families (equity, fixed income and multi-asset).

In addition, 18 Trophées go to individual funds (Equity Europe, International  Equity, Multi-Asset)  ranked over three and ten years, regardless of establishment category. Finally, 3 Trophées are awarded to individual funds ranked over 3 years on the basis of the funds having the French government’s sustainable finance certification – “ISR Label” –  in three categories:  Equity France, Equity Europe and Equity World.

These trophies are intended to assist the investment choices of the broadest possible public. So, the share classes of the funds must be accessible to private investors.

The ranking is determined by a score attributed to each fund for its outperformance compared to the return on the money market, divided by the volatility of the fund over the period in question (“Sharpe ratio”). The average of these individual ratios is then calculated to produce an overall score for each fund range over three years or ten years according to the awards concerned

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance



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